Why we are not here

There are some weird occurences on the spaceship they’d call your life. At first, you let go of these things we’d call the control handle. As this can be fun, don’t crash your ship before you feel it. Hey, space, that is here. Yes.

And that’s where we are. And noone sees us. And we’d call it: Welcome. You’re travelling. In outer space, hehehe.

But, you know now. You’re not alone 🙂 …


Good luck traveling ;-) …

Being in the world’s cities, the duty to see more than my four limited-frame mind-walls can be disgusting, if felt in the mutual wish for comparable universal communication.

That, now, is just an idea: Wherever staying alive is more than an hypothetical assumption, used as sword and shield in the lower arenas of the prelove battle – ideas become the places to travel to. They are real places to those that actually possess their minds room in the ultimate house of universal reality.

To travel to a place could be a replacement, in that sense – of fearing to travel. This is the destination: Progression. So, back to the tourist’s attractions.